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Storying the Body,

Reminding the Brain

2021 TBC

Zoom | Thebarton Community Centre

with Terry Callahan

Hardly a day seems to go by without neuroscience making the news for claiming to explain yet one more aspect of human behaviour. Who has not been enchanted by multi-coloured images of brain scans suggesting the precise locations of fear, anger, empathy, even love?


This one-day workshop will critically explore the relationships between narrative and neuroscience. It will loiter around the benefits and hazards of neuroscientific discoveries for narrative therapy. Important distinctions between mind, brain, body, affect and feeling will be probed. Tantalising new paradigms of neuroscience, which may be more resonant with the philosophical bases of narrative practices, will be presented. Most importantly, time will be given throughout to practice skills for embodying stories and storying affect.

Terry Callahan has been deepening his understandings and practices of Narrative therapy for nearly twenty years. He continues to be delighted and extended by the possibilities for rich story development with individuals, couples and groups who share their lives with him. He has taught at universities, and government and non-government agencies over the last six years. He currently practises with a brilliant and rigorous team at Uniting Communities in Adelaide, who support those addressing family and relationship predicaments, violence, and childhood sexual abuse. He also provides counselling, teaching and consultancy through Adelaide Narrative Counselling and Teaching.

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