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Responding to Childhood Sexual Abuse: One-Day Introduction

ZOOM Session | Adelaide-Time

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Sonja Baram

As the first part in this series on Working Narratively with Childhood Sexual Abuse will Introduce practitioners to principles and practices we find grounding in working with those who survive childhood sexual abuse and the persistent effects of trauma they find themselves up against. The risks of re-traumatisation in talking about the past require vigilance from those who are witnesses to these stories.

This workshop invites consideration of a central idea in narrative work with trauma: the person is always responding, often in small but significant ways. Such responses can be recovered and explored with the person. Further, ongoing experiences of pain and distress can be considered as testimony to deeply held dreams, hopes, values and commitments.

Complex and troubling dilemmas – around responsibility, accountability,  secret-keeping and the responses of family and friends to disclosure – will also be unfolded. As always, several opportunities for skills practice will be integral to this Introductory One-Day workshop.


 Sonja Baram is an experienced family therapist residing in Adelaide. She has been learning, practicing and teaching about how to have conversations with people in a wide variety of settings and in ways that can be most helpful to them in their lives. She notices how conversations that are guided by Narrative and Invitational therapy can undermine harmful problems and their effects. Sonja is Family and Relationship counsellor with the non-government agency Uniting Communities, which provides  Specialised Family Violence Counselling and Counselling around Childhood Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault survivors. She has authored several papers in the field and is on the Editorial board of the Australian and New Zealand Family Therapy Journal.

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