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Adelaide Narrative Therapy


Dahlia Elsayed Some Heavy Indulgences 2009 *

Used with permission of the artist.


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Counselling sessions provide a container to explore your relationship with yourself and others. ​

Here clients can understand how to think, feel and act, through trauma histories and life pressures.


Individual counselling

Couples – relationships

Families – born/chosen

Violence & Abuse

Culture Clashes


Counselling conversations are creative, surprising, sometimes challenging, and kind collaborations between participants where dialogue presents new ways of freeing oneself from tricky problems.

Silver Rings

family law matters

Relationships are messy, separation can be tough.

Referrals are made to Adelaide Narrative from Lawyers, Agencies and the Family Court for people going through separation.

We support efforts for constructive and kind co-parenting that is an anti-dote to destructive, stressful relationships and confused kids. Reports can be provided.

For comprehensive information about the process (preferably before you talk with a lawyer), and referrals to community counsellors see Family Relationships Government Website

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Most counsellors, social workers, psychologists and community practitioners participate in some introductory Narrative Therapy learning.

At Adelaide Narrative we go deep diving into  fundamental narrative conceptualisation, rigorous skills development and new philosophies.

In-house & Workshops.

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Specialist narrative, post-structural, social constructionist ways of thinking about your work and practice.

Zoom supervision is provided. Current supervisees are thinking about gender, trauma, first nations grief and identity, violence and identity.

Zoom and in-person, counts to professional development.

Narrative Invitational Therapy with Violence and Abuse

Currently Only Available to Organisations

Narrative Invitational Therapy with Violence and Abuse

 Introduction to Narrative Therapy


Introduction to Narrative Therapy

Narrative Therapy Intensive Level One


Narrative Therapy Intensive Level One

About us

About us

Adelaide Narrative Therapy is a nimble affiliation of experienced practitioners engaged in work with persons, couples, families and communities in a wide variety of settings. We share years of interest in practising and sharing what has come to be called Narrative Therapy. You can find out more about each of us in facilitator biographies attached to workshops.

Narrative Therapy & Invitational Practices explore the political, social and relational perspectives of power that support violence and abuse, and which contribute to trauma, disrespect and deep hurt in our society.


We are affiliated with Re-Authoring Teaching in Vermont USA for International Narrative Therapy Training & Collaboration. Counselling is also available with Sarah Atkinson based in the Northern Territory Australia. who is affiliated with Adelaide Narrative Therapy Collective. We are proud to have been associated with Narrative Practices Adelaide  and  NADA. Please find out more on our Affiliations page.



Michael White (d. 2008) from Adelaide together with David Epston from New Zealand developed and extended Narrative ideas and practices over several decades. Narrative Means to Therapeutic Ends was published in 1990 and Maps of Narrative Practice in 2007.  Adelaide Narrative Therapy continues Michael's work in our fidelity to narrative practices.

We have been deeply influenced and inspired by the work of Michael White's and extend his readings of Michael Foucault, Jacques Derrida, Lev Vygotsky and more. We have been taught by Michael White and the mentoring team of Maggie Carey, Shona Russell, Sue Mann, Rob Hall, Alan Jenkins, Alison Newton and Maxine Joy of NADA.

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Terry Callahan (d.2023) Narrative practitioner and social worker. Friend and colleague. Co-founder of Adelaide Narrative Therapy and very much missed by clients and colleagues alike.




Sonja Baram is a narrative therapist and counsellor with 15 years experience in community Adult and Family Relationship counselling. Sessions can be focussed on a particular issue to explore or general life events and relationships. Sonja has years of experience in Specialised Family Violence, Family Law Counselling and Childhood Sexual Abuse Counselling. 


Sessions may be long-term to focus on respectful relationships and understanding identity (the self) from a Narrative lens. Or short-term as required.


Currently Adelaide Narrative does much work in counselling after family separation and in cases where conflict is interrupting effective co-parenting.

Sonja is a clinical counsellor and clinical supervisor accredited with the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA).


New Student Counsellor of the Masters in Counselling, Adelaide University

Luca Pozzebon is a dedicated and empathetic student counsellor currently on placement who is eager to accompany you on your journey towards personal growth. Luca committed to providing a safe and confidential space where you can explore your lived experiences.  His approach is grounded in empathy and collaboration with clients to identify and navigate challenges and promote self-agency and accountability. 

Mark Byrne is a counsellor providing therapeutic engagement to support people and address the effects of violence/abuse, including childhood sexual abuse. Mark endeavours to support people to stop their practices of violence, through Narrative and Invitational conversations enabling ethical change.

Mark is informed by approaches of Narrative Therapy and by the Invitational Approach developed by Alan Jenkins. Mark also works in Uniting Communities across the Specialised Family Violence Service, the Child Sexual Abuse Service, and at Aboriginal Community Connect -supporting people impacted by the nexus of violence, abuse and alcohol/drug use. This work has led Mark to explore social and political perspective on relations of violence and to explore his own professional/personal relationship to power and lesser questioned forms of violence.

"Whilst I am on placement, I am under the supervision of experienced professionals, ensuring that you receive the highest standard of care. I am continually honing my skills and expanding my knowledge to better support you on your unique journey.  Thank you for considering me as your companion on this path towards accountability and personal growth." - Luca



Adelaide Narrative Therapy offers support to individual practitioners and agencies who are wanting to pursue ongoing reflection on their work through a narrative lens. When interest permits, we also offer small group supervision.

Supervision can be provided onsite, via Zoom or at Adelaide Narrative offices in Hindmarsh.

Appointments for supervision can be made through our online booking system. If you would like to discuss supervision before making a booking, please contact us.

Integrity & Oversight

Practitioners at Adelaide Narrative work in a private capacity. Each are covered by their respective professional association.

Sonja Baram is a Clinical Counsellor and Supervisor, registered with PACFA (no. 24203).

Mark Byrne is a Social Worker registered with the ASW. 

The practice is covered under professional indemnity insurance and public liability insurance. Our students in the Masters of Counselling at the University of Adelaide, are working toward professional membership of PACFA.


This practice also adheres to the South Australian Code of Conduct for Certain Health Care Workers. More information regarding this Code and any complaints or concerns can be found here: The brochure from the Commissioner can be downloaded here: Know Your Rights Charter   

Privacy: Adelaide is a small and connected place, confidentiality and privacy is vital. We keep minimal contact information for clients for scheduling and payment purposes only. We keep counselling notes that can be subject to subpoena given the nature of work that we do for the Family Law Court of Australia.  

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*Logo image courtesy of artist DAHLIA ELSAYED: "I use painting, installation and sculpture to make fictional landscapes that refer to east/west marginality in pictorial spaces that are simultaneously flat and real. My work is based on pairing diasporan narrative with a terra firma, connecting internal and external sense of place and creating myth pictures for placelessness. These allegorical landscapes use a symbolic vocabulary rooted in cartography, comics and cosmology to make visual narratives that tell unreliable oral histories and anticipate alternate futures. My interest in these themes stems from my own experience of displacement over multiple generations of my family. These involuntary movements from continent to continent, with little belongings but much in story, have formed the way I think about place and lore. I make work to connect the material and concrete to the ephemeral shapes of a personal geography."To see Dahlia's work go to

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