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Book Therapy Sessions 

Book for Counselling as self-referred or as referred from lawyers, Family Court Order or other professionals. Book with practitioners below.  


Counselling Rates Vary...... Please consult counsellor.


Supervision up to .......................$160 per hour

Book with Luca, on placement with us for 2024.
Masters in Counselling Student ............$60 per hour

Call Directly, Book or Email for Low Cost Student Service

Health Insurance Rebates may be available, but only with Sonja. We do not accept Medicare Rebates as this does not cover counselling for relationships, families, personal and family law matters.
r low cost community counselling services please see Family Relationship Community Counselling Information with a map of locations of service providers: Find Local Counselling Help in Australia.

Adelaide Narrative Therapy Collective now offers bookable therapy times. Sessions are as offered by individual practitioners and the location can be at Consulting Rooms: 136 Port Road, Hindmarsh, SA, 5007 (formerly known as NADA or the Mary Street Clinic) or via ZOOM. Rates vary. No referral needed and some sessions can be claimed through private health insurance with Sonja. 

Press the Book button below each practitioner to view their booking calendar. Use the drop down menus. Follow the prompts to book and you will receive a confirmation message from our client care system Halaxy. If this is your first time booking or if you have any queries or specific requests, like Phone or Zoom consults, please send us a text and we will get back to you. - Thanks!

Shko Marden

Shko is a warm and wise experienced narrative therapist and social work counsellor with over a decade working in therapeutic context, both in Australia and abroad.

Sonja Baram

Sonja is experienced in providing therapeutic space for promoting safer connections with self and others. She is a teacher-supervisor in Family Law Counselling with narrative and invitational therapies.

Mark Byrne

Mark provides therapeutic engagement to support people addressing effects of violence/abuse. Mark also serves to support people to stop their practices of violence and abuse.

Tony Fletcher

Tony consults with men regarding becoming safer and more connected as fathers and partners and building connections to a lifestyle of respect for themselves and others.

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