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Always take the weather with you: stories in the face of Climate Change

Always take the weather with you: stories in the face of Climate Change


Terry Callahan

Climate change has real effects not only on a planetary scale, but on the personal and collective ecology of mind, body, soul and spirit. How do we and those who consult with us respond to such an overwhelming emergency? How might concern, fear, anger, despair or action be unfolded to speak to a sense of hope in the future? This workshop draws on narrative maps of practice to explore ideas and skills in ‘restorying’ climate change: What are the effects of climate change on my relationship to deeply held values and commitments?

How does climate change impact on my sense of the future, not only for myself, but my children and grandchildren? How is climate change influencing my relationship with the earth?. How might re-membering practices be extended to include the storying of places and times that evoke specific personal and collective experiences of caring or wonder-ful connections with the earth, sea, plants, animals, insects?

What are the dominant discourses around climate change? How do we extend irresistible invitations to ecological responsibility? To what uses might a Migration of Identity Map be put in tracing journeys toward ethical and political action to address climate change paralysis? These and other questions will be explored in conversation and practice through this one day workshop.


Terry Callahan continues to be delighted and extended by the possibilities for rich story development with individuals, couples and groups who share their lives with him.

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