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 Introduction to Narrative Therapy

Introduction to Narrative Therapy


Sonja Baram

Join Sonja Baram for a compelling introduction to Narrative Therapy. For curious counsellors, mental health and community workers and all others looking to expand their understanding and practice into Narrative and Invitational ways of working with others.

The three days will help you make sense of Narrative therapy theory and practice with a touch on how Narrative fits into the vast landscape of helping conversations to date. Assess and develop a therapeutic position, maps of narrative practice and find richly creative voices to support the clients valued hopes and acts of living. Finally practice, practice, practice skills with consideration to your own work contexts.

Day I: Intro and Overview of Narrative Therapy; Day II: Maps of Narrative Practice: Where Theory and Practice provide a helpful orientation to prepare for helping clients. Throughout will be a focus on Skills, Practice and Your Contexts

Sonja Baram has extensive experience as a narrative and family therapist working across diverse fields of practice including domestic violence, family and relationship counselling and childhood sexual abuse.

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