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Information about Counselling in Relation to Family Separation

"If you do not tell the truth about yourself you cannot tell it about other people."

Virginia Woolf

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So you have been referred to Adelaide Narrative by a lawyer, agency or the Australian Family Law Court?

Your lawyer or the Family Court of Australia has referred you to counselling for ‘anger management’ or family conflict at Adelaide Narrative. Both men/dads and women/mums have been referred to us, for addressing their parenting, co-parenting relationship and hopes for giving their kids the best shared-home environment.

Referrals are made to Adelaide Narrative from Lawyers, Agencies and the Family Court for people going through separation.


What to expect:

  • Counselling sessions. A minimum of 6 sessions are reportable to the court, you may opt for more.

  • Therapeutic focus. Counsellors invite you into an ethical and accountable change process for your parenting hopes.

  • Legal focus. Counsellors take a detailed focus on legal matters to help you make sense and context of separation.

  • Letters and Reports can be requested

  • Fees are discussed with your counsellor.

  • Private health insurance rebates are available, but not medicare rebates for Family Law Counselling

Relationships are messy, separation can be tough.

​We support efforts for constructive and kind co-parenting that is an anti-dote to destructive, stressful relationships and confused kids. Reports can be provided.

For comprehensive information about the process (preferably before you talk with a lawyer), and referrals to community counsellors see Family Relationships Government Website.

For more informations see: Children and Family Law  information on the Australian Attorney General Website

Family Law Counselling Services - General Information

Family Law Counselling is offered in two different contexts:

            a. Community Service Agencies 

            b. Private Counselling Services

a. Family & Relationship Centres | Community Service Agencies

Family and Relationship Centres are located at not-for-profit community service agencies such as Relationships Australia, Uniting Communities, Anglicare, Centrecare and many other similar organisations.

At these services, family & relationship and Specialised Family Violence counsellors offer reasonably priced sessions, and are funded by the federal government to offer services such as counselling and therapeutic groups (Men's groups, Women's groups etc).

At these services, your Family & Relationship Counsellor will inform you that information you share is confidential and under Sections 10A to 10E of the Family Law Act communication made by you to your Family Counsellor will not be admissible in any Court except in certain exceptional circumstances.

Counsellors are employed by their agencies, qualified and specialise in this area. Their agencies help you receive confidential counselling without compromising your safety. The agencies are partially funded by the Australian Government to provide these services specifically.


Counsellors at agencies may be able to provide a letter of attendance to counselling. If, however, your lawyer requests access to your confidential case notes or a report based on your course of counselling for admission to mediation or court, counsellors will not be able to do so. Under Sections 10A to 10E of the Family Law Act, your personal communication with your counsellor at an agency is protected from being admissible to court. This protects your legal confidentiality in counselling. Limited confidentiality is applicable in all counselling services where there are disclosures of risk and safety.

b. Private Counselling and Psychology Services

Adelaide Narrative Therapy offers counselling in a private capacity - paid by the client. Private counselling and psychological services offer sessions that are 'general' or that focus specifically on relationships, parenting and separation. Application of private counselling and psychological services in the Family Law, Mediation and Family Separation occur according to the specific training and experience of the practitioner. Practitioners are responsible and accountable to clients, others who depend and are influenced by clients such as children, as well as professionally accountable to their accrediting professional body.

Adelaide Narrative Therapists are counsellors trained and experienced in Family Law Counselling, Specialised Family Violence Counselling as well as experienced in writing reports for family law court as expert witnesses. As we are a private organisation, we do not receive funding via the Family Law Act (AGs department). Therefore, your communication with us can be subject to be disclosed to the Family Court. Counselling with us may be directed by a Court Order and a report may be requested. 


Regarding Reports

Both letters and reports can be requested. In some cases a letter that states the dates of your attendance to counselling, some brief information about the context of the counselling provided, is less expensive and may suffice. 

Reports from Adelaide Narrative are substantial and as detailed as possible from the discussions in counselling sessions.

For more general information:

Contact the Family Relationship Advice Line on 1800 050 321

Note on Counsellors and Psychologists

The experience and training of counsellors, psychologists and social workers in the Family Law space is equivalent, in that there is no formal degree, but professional development and experience in dedicated Family Law Counselling roles at the Community Service Agencies. Choosing to work with a practitioner is about what is recommended by the courts/legal practitioners, but it is mainly also about who you feel comfortable to work with about your particular situation and family separation. Look for a good fit.

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